Infant Feeding

Infant Feeding

This project is little different to the others I’ve listed on this site.

Since becoming a mother I have taken a great interest in (and devoted a lot of time to) helping new parents get to grips with how to feed and bond with their new babies. I currently support families throughout the UK over the National Breastfeeding Helpline, and am a director of one of the UK’s main breastfeeding charities, the Breastfeeding Network. For the avoidance of doubt, both of these roles are unpaid.

My interest in this area - and its presence on this site - boils down to three main topics:

  • The role of digital technologies in early parenthood - in particular in the giving information regarding and supporting infant feeding choices
  • The implications of government policy in terms of how families think they should - and subsequently go on to - feeding their babies
  • How the work of the charity sector over- and underlaps with state provided support, and what the consequences of that are

If you are also interested in these things, and want to collaborate or just chat about it over coffee, get in touch.