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This is a living list of resources that I consider to be useful for getting started thinking about cyber security and digital technology use and management, if you’re based in the UK.

If you think I am missing anything drop me a line, so I can add the resources and credit them to you!

Full list is published as a PDF here.


Securing IoT devices

Cyber security in the home

Children and digital technologies

What to do if you believe you are a victim of cyber crime

Technology-facilitated abuse

Getting access to your data

Securing IoT devices

NCSC – Smart devices: using them safely in your home - overview of the most recent guidance around setting up and securing IoT devices in the home.

This information is also found at here.

Cyber security in the home

NCSC – Cyber Aware – official UK government advice on staying secure online (particularly focused on the period of increased digital use as a result of Covid-19).

NCSC – Information pages for Individuals and Families – the central site for all the information that the NCSC has published for individuals and families, including how to secure smart cameras and securing devices.

Motherboard – The Guide to Not Getting Hacked covers a variety of digital technologies and how to secure them (more specific digital technologies than the NCSC advice). The guidance is based heavily upon getting its readers to consider their own threat model (that is, what do they have that needs to be protected, and who might want that information/data/whatever it is that is determined to be valuable).

Electronic Frontier Foundation - Surveillance Self-Defence - the “expert guide to protecting you and your friends from online spying”.

GetSafeOnline – advice on staying safe online for consumers and small businesses.

Children and digital technologies

NCSC – CyberFirst – series of programs aimed at 11-19 year olds to increase their understanding of cyber security.

NCA/CEOP – Thinkuknow – education to support safe online experiences for children from 4-14+.

UK Safer Internet Centre - education to support safe online experiences for school children.

Childnet International - education to support safe online experiences for school children.

Family Online Safety Institute – range of guidance on “good digital parenting”.

Internet Matters - education to support safe online experiences for school children.

What to do if you believe you are a victim of cyber crime

Action Fraud – the UK’s service for reporting cyber crime for individuals and businesses.

Citizen’s Advice Bureau – Get Help with Online Scams – overview of the services CAB will offer individuals that are concerned they have been targeted by Online Scams.

NCSC – Phishing – UK-wide scheme for individuals to report suspected phishing attempts.

Technology-facilitated abuse

Refuge – information on what domestic abuse involving digital technologies look like, and resources to support

Chayn – Do It Yourself Online Safety – guide in several languages to help understand how you can be tracked online, and how to minimise your online footprint

UCL – Gender and IoT Resource List – detailed list (currently dated March 2019) for “victims and survivors of technology-facilitated abuse as well as those working with them”.

Getting access to your data

ICO - Your Data Matters – detailed information on all the rights available to you as a data subject under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Last updated: 17 June 2020