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Why and how to get in touch

Think I might be suitable for something you need?

Iā€™d be delighted to talk or write for you on any of the areas covered on this site, or other reasonable topics.

I am available for consultancy work.

I have a strong background in leading and contributing to project-based work, from inception through to implementation.

My particular strengths include (but are not limited to!)

  • being the interpreter between those with the requirements for a system and those with the tech skills to build that system
  • being able to determine and write policies and procedural documentation that makes sense for those needing them
  • being able to explain the risks and best ways to go about digital technology use in your organisation, given the particular nuances of what you do

I have experience of working in and alongside many types of organisations, from multi-national corporates to intergovermental organisations, charities to academic institutions and more.

Get in touch and I can give you further details about my background and suitability for your project.


The easiest way is through email - slt41 [at]

You can contact me on Twitter too.